How do I place an order?

Click the tab named 'Shop,' choose which product you would like, and click add to cart, then follow the instructions to check out. 

You can also call us and place an order by phone!  You can find our number by clicking the 'Contact Us' tab.  We are open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm eastern standard time.


Payment and Shipping

You can pay via Paypal or any major credit card.

The shipping cost is added to your total after taxes.


What if my order arrives damaged?
Contact us either by email or telephone.  Send us a copy of your purchase order, a picture of the damage, and your shipping address.
We will send you a replacement part at no charge to you.


Returns & refunds

If you change your mind about your purchase, contact us either by email or telephone.  We will send you a return mailing label.  Please return the product in the box it came in.  Once the package is recieved, your payment will be refunded.  There is a 15% restocking fee.


Is UV-C light safe?
It is safe to handle and install the lamp when it is off.  
DO NOT connect the power until the lamp is fully installed in your HVAC system.
ONLY connect the power once the Dr. Sunshine PCO HVAC system is installed in your HVAC system and your HVAC system is fully resealed.
Please read installation and safety instructions carefully before attempting to install the Dr. Sunshine PCO HVAC system.  Failure to do so may result in injury/damage.



Is titanium dioxide safe? What if it comes into contact with my skin?
Wear gloves while applying titanium dioxide to your HVAC system and filter. 
Should it come into contact with your skin, quickly and gently blot or brush away excess chemical. Wash gently and thoroughly with lukewarm, gently flowing water and non-abrasive soap for 5 minutes.  May cause mild irritation.
Should it come into contact with your eyes, quickly and gently blot or brush chemical off the face. Immediately flush the contaminated eye(s) with lukewarm, gently flowing water for 5 minutes, while holding the eyelid(s) open. May cause slight irritation.  If irritation or pain persists, see a doctor.
DO NOT purposely inhale or ingest titanium dioxide.
Titanium dioxide is widely used in a number of everyday products, including food, lotions, and sunscreen.  However, prolonged exposure should be avoided.
Will UVC light damage my HVAC system?
Metal objects and areas will not be affected by UVC light.
Before installing your Dr. Sunshine UVC PCO Air Purification System, ensure all plastic or rubber parts/joints are covered with aluminum foil (as specified in the installation instructions).  The aluminum foil will protect these areas from UVC exposure.